2009-2010 Heather Zins East Central High School Literary material for Special Ed DCRT Foundation
2010-2011 Randy Dennis South Dearborn Middle School Hands On Learning Material DCRT Foundation
2011-2012 Melissa Dennis North Dearborn Elementary School Reading Manipulatives DCRT Foundation
2012-2013 Kim Taylor South Dearborn High School Wii for Special Ed Students DCRT Foundation
w/o Physical Education
2013-2014 Ray Johnson East Central High School Raised Garden Beds DCRT Foundation
2014-2015 Krista Hensley Moores Hill Elementary School Ipads for Learning Centers DCRT Foundation
w/o aides
2014-2015 Tammy Mullaley South Dearborn Middle School Rocket Project Duke Energy
2015-2016 Jim Waldon St. Mary's School Printers Knights of Columbus
2015-2016 Sue Sandman Sunman Elementary School Accelerated Reading Duke Energy
2015-2016 Anita Steinmetz Central Elementary School Third Grade Learning Center DCRT Foundation
2015-2016 Brenda Selmeyer Manchester Elementary School Co-teaching with Special Education Dearborn County Hospital
2015-2016 Sarah Stonefield Manchester Elementary School First Grade Minds in Motion Dearborn Community Foundation
2015-2016 Jennifer Warren Manchester Elementary School Garden Club Utilites Valley Rural Utilities
2016-2017 Connie Flaspohler Sunman Elementary School Interactive Whiteboard Lessons Maxwell Construction
2016-2017 Dana Cassiday Aurora Elementary School AES Enrichment Day Duke Energy
Nina Litchfield
2016-2017 Pete Brown South Dearborn High School Anatomical models for Science Dearborn County Hospital
2016-2017 Christelle Middendorf Central Elementary School Breakout Challenges Valley Rural Utilities
2016-2017 Jamie McFarland Sunman Dearborn Middle School High Level Science & Math Concepts DCRT Foundation
2017 - 2018  Heather Lundsford Sunman Elementary School Wobble Stools  Duke Energy
2017-2018 Terri Schmeltzer St. John's Evangelical Lutheran School Fizz Ed: Generation Z Valley Rural Utilities
2017-2018 Barb Katenkamp North Dearborn Elementary School STEM Creativity Kits DCRT Foundation
2017-2018 Randy Dennis South Dearborn Middle School Civil War Books A to Z Betty McLaughin Educator Grant
United Community Bank
2017-2018 Susan Schmuelling St. Lawrence Elementary School VEX IQ Robotics Team Knights of Columbus
2018-2019 Heather Lunsford Sunman Elementary School STEM Makerspace DCRT Foundation
Emma Rauch
2018-2019 Bryan Wagner St. Lawrence Elementary School Advanced P.E. Equipment Knights of Columbus
2018-2019 Barb Katenkamp North Dearborn Elementary School School-wide Reading Challenge United Community Bank
2018-2019 Dianna Petty Aurora Elementary Independent Classroom Centers Duke Energy
2018-2019 Jennifer Fischer Greendale Middle School Mousetrap Cars Betty McLaughin Educator Grant
Heather Billig
2018-2019 Julie McAdams North Dearborn Elementary School STEAM Circuit Art Valley Rural Utilities
2018-2019 Sarah Carr Sunman Elementary School Art Centers Los Primos Restaurant
2018-2019 Ray Johnson East Central High School Blacksmith: Gas-powered Forge DCRT Foundation
2018-2019 Connie Turner Bright Elementary School Science STEM for Pennies Maxwell Properties, Inc.
Shelly Koth
2018-2019 Terri Schmeltzer St. John's Evangelical Lutheran School Computer Upgrade for iLearn Walmart
2018-2019 Erin Wuestefeld Aurora Elementary School Positive Behavior Support HighPoint Health
2019-2020 Leiker, Jenkins St. Lawrence Elementary School Lessons for Early Learners Knights of Columbus
2019-2020 Hayley Miller Sunman Elementary School Tinker Crate Class  Subscription Maxwell Construction
2019-2020 Beth McClamroch Bright Elementary School Stand Up for Education Valley Rural Utilities
2019-2020 Kevin Zugelter Aurora Elementary School Document Camera DCRT Foundation
2019-2020 Barbara Katenkamp North Dearborn Elementary School One School, One Book DCRT Foundation
2019-2020 Heather Lunsford Sunman Elementary School Flexible Seating Haag Ford
2019-2020 Brian Schuerman South Dearborn High School FCCLA Nat'l Leadership Conference Seitz Agency/Los Primos
2019-2020 Lauren White East Central High School Sustained Silent Reading in French DCRT Foundation
2019-2020 Nicole Bosch Manchester Elementary School Robotic Club  Fees Duke Energy
2019-2020 Donna Sizemore Aurora Elementary School Healthy Learning, Healthy Living HighPoint Health
2019-2020 Bryan Wagner St. Lawrence School PE Improvement Plan Knights of Columbus
2019-2020 Christie Andres Sunman-Dearborn Middle School Port Chicago 50 Project Betty McLaughlin Endowment
Christina Lecher
2019-2020 Kimber Ampt St. John Evangelical Lutheran School STEAM Days - Robotics Knights of Columbus
2019-2020 Brenda Osman East Central High School ECHS Playschool DCRT Foundation
2019-2020 Katherine Magalski Central Elementary School Update of Art Room DCRT Foundation
2019-2020 Peter Brown South Dearborn High School Biotechnology: DNA Machine Walmart/CIVISTA
2020-2021 Jennifier Fischer Greendale Middle School Tinker Lab DCRT Foundation
OMNI Technologies
2020-2021 Sonya Gabbard South Dearborn Middle School Hydroponics Classroom Garden DCRT Foundation
2020-2021 Robert Detzel St. Lawrence School STEAM Lab Bright Knights of Columbus
2020-2021 Kristen Selmeyer South Dearborn Middle School Computer Science Innovation Duke Energy
2020-2021 Lauren White East Central High School Free Choice Reading Ameriprise Financial
2020-2021 Earl Wilhelm Aurora Elementary School Special Needs Life Skills Duke Energy
2020-2021 Pamela Bartholomew Moores Hill Elementary School Stem Day Materials Dearborn Community Foundation
2020-2021 Amanda Sexton Lawrenceburg High School The Comprehensible Spanish Classroom Betty McLaughlin Endowment
2020-2021 Lori Robinson North Dearborn Elementary School Garden Tower High Point Health &
Cathy Sopcisak DCRT Foundation
2020-2021 Leslie Sutherlin South Dearborn Elementary Schools Legos for the Libraries! Walmart
2020-2021 Christina Lecher Sunman-Dearborn Middle School Adventures Beyond Fiction Maxwell Construction
2020-2021 Tiffany Terry Bright Elementary School Sensory Path for Elementary Students DCRT Foundation
2020-2021 Mallory Hummer Sunman Elementary School Robotics for Future Engineers Valley Utilities
2020-2021 Suzanne Rice St. Mary's School 7th/8th Grade Vex IQ Robotics Team Aurora Knights of Columbus
2020-2021 Jamie Gibbs Aurora Elementary School Document Camera/headphones CIVISTA
2020-2021 Heather Billig Greendale Middle School Garden Tower DCRT Foundation
2021-2022 Susan Schmuelling St. Lawrence School STEAM Lab  Bright Knights of Columbus
2021-2022 Hayley Miller East Central Middle School Calming Room DCRT Foundation
2021-2022 Jackie Stoecklin St. Lawrence School Taking Preschool Outside Lawrenceburg Knights of Columbus
2021-2022 Krista Hitzel East Central High School Finch Robots CIVISTA 
Betty McLaughlin Endowment
2021-2022 Rebecca Wilhelm St. John's Lutheran School Young Hoosier Books Bright Knights of Columbus